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Think you don’t have enough time to make your own jam? Think again!

Pot of jam with some strawberries in a white basket. caption reads super quick microwave jam recipe

Microwave jam recipe

I love jam and always loved the idea of making my own jam. I pictured rows of neatly arranged Kilner jars lining my kitchen shelves, a variety of different jewel colours glistening from within.

The reality was always a bit different.

Jam does take a fair bit of time to make. It’s also a pretty fussy little character and will quickly turn into something more akin to tar than jam if you are not paying attention. Plus, to make any decent amount of jam you need a LOT of fruit. Great if you have a huge glut coming in from your allotment, not so great for us urban garden types.

Imagine my happiness then when I found out that you can make jam using:

  • Frozen fruit
  • A microwave

Yes-pick up a few bags of your favourite frozen berries from the supermarket and get ready to make your very own jam!

The following microwave jam recipe makes about 1.5 lb of jam.


  • 450g of frozen berries. Raspberries and strawberries work very well
  • 450g of sugar. Jam sugar is best
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

You will also need some jars for storing your jam and some wax disks (available from any kitchen supply shop).


  1. Make sure you have enough clean jars and lids available. You don’t need to buy new ones but make sure you have sterilised them by putting them through a hot cycle in the dishwasher or wash with hot, soapy water.
  2. Put the frozen fruit into a microwavable bowl. Microwave on a high or defrost setting for about 4 minutes. Stop the microwave every 30 seconds and stir with a wooden spoon.
  3. Now add the lemon juice and the sugar to the bowl. Mix well. Put back into the microwave on a high setting for 5 minutes or until the sugar has dissolved. Again, stop the microwave every 30 seconds to stir the contents of the bowl.
  4. Once the sugar has dissolved you can put the bowl into the microwave on a high setting for about 13 minutes. Check every couple of minutes and stir until the jam starts to thicken, then check every 30 seconds. You want the jam to reach setting point. This will be when the temperature is 105 degrees Celsius on a jam thermometer (it’s worth buying-I put if off for too long!). You can also do the ‘saucer test’:

Saucer test:

  • Put a saucer or small plate into the fridge when you start to make your jam
  • When you want to test the jam, put a small teaspoonful of the jam onto the saucer. Leave for a few seconds.
  • Push your finger into the jam. If it forms clear ‘wrinkles’ on the surface, it is ready. If it stays smooth, it needs longer.

When your jam is ready you will need to pot it up into your jar. This is done most easily with a funnel. Fill the jars right up to the neck. Add a small wax disk whilst the jam is still hot. Cover with a lid, cellophane or fabric and store somewhere cool.

That’s it! Super easy, super quick jam.

Try experimenting with different frozen fruits to see which ones work well for you. Different fruits have different amounts of pectin, the stuff that makes jam ‘jammy’, so you may find you get slightly different textures. Have fun and see what you can come up with. Share your experiments in the comments!

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I hope you found this guide to making super quick microwave jam useful! Remember to share before you leave to help other people in their jam endeavours!

Pot of jam with some strawberries in a white basket. caption reads super quick microwave jam recipe

Sharing is caring!