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simple cook recipe box open on the floor. Caption reads simply cook review

The new recipe box service that sends the flavour rather than the ingredients. How does Simply Cook stack up compared to its rivals.

Simply Cook Review

Like a lot of naturally disorganised people (and I’m sure some organised ones), I have in the past succumbed to recipe kits delivered weekly in a big box. I have used 3 big players-Gusto, Hello Fresh and Able and Cole-so I am very experienced in this area!

What are recipe boxes?

In case you are not familiar with recipe boxes, what basically happens is that all the ingredients you need to make between 3-5 meals (depending on which size box you opt for) are sent to you each week along with instructions on how to make each meal. You are sent literally everything you need (bar a few kitchen staples such as oil and salt) usually in the exact portion size you need.

The benefit of these boxes is as follows:

  • You don’t have to spend time planning your dinners or shopping for the ingredients
  • It can help make your meals more interesting if you find you end up eating the same stuff over and over
  • There is less food waste as you are sent exactly what you need to make each meal

Simply Cook, however, is different. Rather than sending you all the ingredients you need, they send ‘flavour pots’ and the recipe for how to make 4 different meals. You get three flavour pots per meal.

Why I love Simply Cook

As mentioned above, I have used recipe kits before that provide everything you need but I found there were a number of limitations.

  1. Cost. These boxes are not cheap (though they do typically come with organic ingredients which would bump up the cost). Sometimes you may be able to buy the ingredients you need cheaper yourself by utilising offers or discounts from supermarkets or buying from markets.
  2. Lack of flexibility As the ingredients are normally fresh, you need to make and eat the meals within the following few days of receiving them. This can be quite restricting as you may simply not fancy one of the meals that day or something unexpected might crop up making cooking dinner that evening difficult.
  3. Fussy eaters If you have picky eaters in your household, recipe boxes make it harder to substitute ingredients.

With Simply Cook these problems don’t exist!

You still have the advantage of your meals being ‘planned’and having that regular inspiration to get you out of your culinary ruts but you have much more flexibility.

As you are only being sent the ‘flavours’ for the meals, there is less time pressure to use them up. I might have certain meals hanging around for weeks before I use them.

You are also able to shop for the ingredients yourself, potentially saving money over having them sent straight to you.

What meals come with Simply Cook

There is a large variety of meals available with Simply Cook including old classics and more exotic offerings (the curries I have had so far have been amazing!). You are also able to customise your box if you follow a particular diet.

You can leave it up to Simply Cook to decide what to send to you or you can take a look through the recipes and ‘blacklist’ any that you do not want to be sent (my family is not a big fan of seafood for example, so I eliminated all the seafood dishes!) or add any that you want to be sent in your next box. I like an element of surprise so I leave it up to Simply Cook!

The meals are also all designed to be cooked within 15-20 minutes-great for those short on time!

How much is Simply Cook?

Each box from Simply Cook costs £9.99.

You can choose how often you want your boxes sent to you for example one box a week or one box a month.

The boxes are designed to fit through your letter box so you won’t need to be at home when they are delivered.

There is no contract with Simply Cook and you can can cancel at any time.

You can sign-up for Simply Cook here using my special link which means you will get your first box free! (to be transparent, I will also get a free box).

Overall verdict of Simply Cook

I would recommend Simply Cook to anyone who likes to have some of the hard work taken out of making dinner but still wants flexibility in terms of what they eat.

The food always tastes great-the flavour pots are really that. Pots of flavour! We’re not just talking simple herbs and spices here. It’s amazing how much that aspect of cooking really impacts on the quality of a meal.

The price is reasonable for what you are getting. I feel I have conjured up some ‘restaurant quality’ food since using these kits! The instructions are easy to follow and they even come with a handy ‘pull-off shopping list’ to make buying the ingredients you need even easier.

Overall, I would take Simply Cook over a full recipe kit service and am already looking forward to what will be in my next box!

Sign-up to Simply Cook here and get your first box free!

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I hope you found this Simply Cook review useful! What are your experiences of Simply Cook?? Share them in the comments below. Remember to share this post before you leave to help other people!

simple cook recipe box open on the floor. Caption reads simply cook review

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