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how to organise Christmas using Trello plus 3 free trello boards. Keyboard with ribbon, scissors and small parcel

It’s time to finally have a super organised Christmas! Organise Christmas using Trello and you can enjoy the festive season so much more knowing that everything is in hand.

Want the boards I use to organise Christmas? You can get them at the end of this post!

What is Trello?

If you are unfamiliar with Trello, it can best be described as on online system for organising projects using lists and cards. Imagine a cork-board covered with post-it notes but online and you pretty much have Trello!

Trello is free to use for a basic account (which is all you will need for your Christmas planning). You just need to sign-up for an account here.

How can you use Trello for Organising Christmas?

How you utilise Trello for your Christmas planning will depend in part on what you do over the Christmas period and what you are responsible for during the festive season. For example, we always travel to a particular family member for Christmas day so I am not in charge of the Christmas dinner, so therefore I do not need to plan for that in detail.

Think about everything you are responsible for over Christmas. This may include:

  • Gift buying and sending
  • Writing and posting Christmas cards
  • Decorating the house
  • Organising and cooking dinner
  • Planning travel or hosting guests
  • Maintaining the Christmas budget
  • Keeping track of festive activities

You will want a Trello board for each of the different aspects of Christmas you are responsible for. It is easier to seperate different topics into different Trello boards. It also makes it easier when it comes to using power-ups (see below!)

Using Trello Power-Ups

Trello is a great system because it also integrates with other apps and online software using things called Power-Ups. These give you an added feature to your boards that make them even more useful!

When you are on the free plan you are limited to one power-up per board (remember when I said it was better to have different boards-this is another reason why!).

Organise Christmas Using Trello

Here is a list of boards I have and how I use them:

Christmas Planning: Gifts

This is probably one of the biggest areas of Christmas to organise for most people-from inspiration, to keeping track of what you buy to sticking to that all important budget.

I divide my board into the following lists:

  • Gift ideas
  • Ordered
  • Delivered
  • Bought in person

The rest of the lists are the names of people who I need to buy gifts for.

Here’s the clever part! When I am out shopping and see something I may want to buy someone for Christmas or if I want to compare prices etc then I simply take a photo of it and the photo uploads straight to my Gift Ideas list on my Trello board!

To do this I added the IFTTT widget. IFTTT stands for If This Then That and it’s another super great way of organising. Again, you will need to sign-up for a free IFTTT account in order to use it. You can sign-up here. It is a good idea to set up your Trello board and lists before you do this part.

Once you have an IFTTT account you will need to activate the camera widget (it is easiest to do this on your smartphone). You can find it here-you want to select the ‘add photos directly to Trello’.

Under the settings for this widget you will need to put the name of the board and the name of the list you want your photos to go to. This is important-you must type the names of these correctly! Even a stray space will mean it will not work.

Organise Christmas using trello instructions. Screenshot of the settings page of the camera widget

When you activate the widget you should have the app downloaded onto your phone. When you want to take a photo simply open this app (for some reason it opens the camera so that it is facing you for a selfie. To turn it around just tap the icon in the top right corner.)

Use the app to take a photo and it will instantly add it to the list you selected!

Another feature I use on my gift board is a power-up called Costello. This helps me to keep track of my Christmas spending! Everytime I add a gift for someone I create a card under their name. I add the details of the gift and, in the extra Costello power-up section of the card, I add how much it cost.

I do this for every gift I add to my Trello board. The costello app keeps a running total of how much I have spent at the top of my board!

To keep track of gifts I make a copy of the card and place it under ‘ordered’, ‘delivered’ or ‘bought in person’. This helps me know exactly what I have purchased and where it is! As items that I have ordered are delivered, I move the card from ‘ordered’ to ‘delivered’.

Note: It is important to copy cards rather than make another card for the same gift in order to make sure the Costello power-up keeps a correct total!

To add the Costello power-up to your board you need to click on the ‘show menu’ option of your board (this is in the top-right corner), click on power-ups (this may be under the ‘more’ option and then you can search for Costello.

Organise Christmas using trello-screenshot of the power-up Costello

Christmas Planning: Cards

This is a simpler board that is designed to keep track of all the Christmas cards that need sending!

I have lists of all the different people I need to send Christmas cards. As cards are written and sent I move the cards along the lists of ‘bought’, ‘written’ and ‘posted’.

Christmas Planning: Calendar

This Trello board helps to keep me organised over the festive season! I’m a big Christmas fan so I like to take part in as many Christmas events as possible. We are also busy with visiting family and have a lot of family birthdays around Christmas (including mine!).

I use lists divided into the different types of activities we do over the Christmas such as activities, travel, shopping etc.

I then use the Calendar power-up that allows me to get an overview of everything.

list view of Trello Christmas board
calendar view of Trello Christmas board

There you have it-that’s how I organise Christmas using Trello! Give it a try and see how you get on. Play around with different types of boards and power-ups so you can see what works best for your Christmas planning. Happy planning and merry Christmas!

Remember you can get copies of the boards I use for FREE by joining the Organised Messy Mum tribe below!

I hope you found this post on how to organise Christmas using Trello useful! If you liked this post you should check out how to create a capsule wardrobe.

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