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Slow cooker ultimate buying guide

The Ultimate Slow Cooker Buying Guide So you have decided to buy a slow cooker. Congratulations! A slow cooker was the best kitchen investment I made and I can honestly say it has been used far more often than my other kitchen gadgets (sorry fondue set!). Whether you are a slow cooker novice, or are […]

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Why you are not achieving your goals

Why you are not achieving your goals Because you are not setting the right goals! If you are not achieving your goals it might be time to assess your goal setting formula. Goals. We’ve all heard of them and we all know that somewhere along the way we should be setting them for ourselves. So […]

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Cleaning games for kids

Get your little ones helping out around the house by making cleaning fun with these cleaning games for kids. Cleaning can often become a constant battle once you have had children. Not only do you have less time for cleaning but your bundles of joy end up creating extra cleaning chores as well-it’s a double […]

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Simply Cook Review

The new recipe box service that sends the flavour rather than the ingredients. How does Simply Cook stack up compared to its rivals. Simply Cook Review Like a lot of naturally disorganised people (and I’m sure some organised ones), I have in the past succumbed to recipe kits delivered weekly in a big box. I […]

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Can you travel hack in the UK?

globe on top of a notebook. caption reads can you travel hack in the UK

Travel hacking is very popular in America, but is it possible to travel hack when you live in the UK?? Can you travel hack in the UK? You may have come across the term travel hacking before. If you are not sure what it means, it’s basically being able to travel for free (or very […]

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How to declutter when you love stuff

Convinced that decluttering or ‘minimal living’ is not for you because you like having stuff in your house? It’s time to reassess what decluttering means for you! How to declutter when you love stuff There can not be many people who have not heard of the recent craze of decluttering, minimal living, sparking joy etc. […]

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Super quick microwave jam recipe

Think you don’t have enough time to make your own jam? Think again! Microwave jam recipe I love jam and always loved the idea of making my own jam. I pictured rows of neatly arranged Kilner jars lining my kitchen shelves, a variety of different jewel colours glistening from within. The reality was always a […]

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